SPANISH women have the third lowest fertility rate in Europe.

New analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the birth rate among Spanish women is the third lowest in Europe at 1.33 children per family.

Contributing factors include rising levels of voluntary childlessness as well as delaying motherhood and not being able to concieve.

Decions by women to postpone childbearing are linked to studying at university and forming long-term relationships later in life.

It is also becoming more socially acceptable for women not to have children at all.

On top of that, according to 2015 World Health Organisation data, women on average live longer than men.

Spanish women are ranked third in terms of female life expectancy, at 85.5 years which could leave the country facing the threat of an ageing population.

Only women in Japan and Singapore live longer, ranked first and second respectively.

Doctors say the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ of fresh veg, fish and healthy fats like olive oil and nuts contributes to a long and healthy life.



  1. Spanish youth are disinterested in having children, if they do, it is maybe 1 or maximum 2 kids per household. They get started later in life, cost of living is high if you want find a decent job and buy a place to live, might take you to 35. Ideals have changed, feminism has really thrived post-franco. My wife’s aunt and uncle live in Valencia, we visited last year, were shocked to see no kids anywhere. Spanish just don’t care for procreating. Just as appalling, the churches were empty just about everywhere in Spain. in Madrid they are mostly museums these days. sad but true.

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