PLANS to use molten plastic slag from the waste centre to expand ports have received the backing of multiple government sectors.

WASTE: Burned plastic washed up on Mallorca beaches this summer

The Balearic Port Authority and Tirme, the company incinerating plastics for the expansions, were both under investigation for pouring plastics in the sea without authorisation over the summer.

The Olive Press followed the issue as residents complained, and a few even sued, because of the plastic waste washing ashore from Palma’s Can Pere Antoni beach to Playa de Palma.

A report from the ministry of land and energy states the plastics coming from the waste plant, “are clearly different from those identified in the Can Pere Antoni beach and it’s surroundings.”

The Consell of Mallorca’s supporting report states that the incinerated plastics being used are ‘not generating significant environmental impacts’.

However none of the government’s supporting reports condemn the environmental issues with using the recycled rubbish.

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