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Spain’s Malaga to distribute 19,500 portable ashtrays on beaches in bid to reduce cigarette litter

MALAGA takes action to reduce cigarette litter by distributing 19,500 portable ashtrays to beachgoers. In a bid to raise awareness of how cigarette butts...

SEABIN: Port of Spain’s Malaga installs Seabin to clean sea of unwanted litter

THE Port of Malaga is taking action to keep their waters clean by installing a revolutionary new device, known as a Seabin, to collect...

Ingestion of plastics possible cause of death of whale washed up in Spain’s Estepona, expert says

THE massive whale which was found dead last week in Estepona may have died as a result of ingesting plastic, an expert has revealed. The...

Spain’s Barcelona has its first road made from non-recyclable plastic waste.

A NEW road surface has been unveiled in Barcelona using non-recyclable plastic waste in the first project of its kind in Spain.

Spain to ban plastic packaging for fruit and veg

THE sale of fruit and veg in plastic packaging is to be banned in Spain from 2023. A royal decree is in the process of...

British optician on Spain’s Costa Blanca literally putting plastic bottles in the frame

COSTA BLANCA’S popular British optician, Specsavers Ópticas, has found a way to meet demands of the fashion industry and the eco-conscious. Consequently, stylish environmentally-aware clients...

Sailing club joins council in promoting local recycling campaign on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A COSTA BLANCA sailing club is helping Orihuela City Council with their “Choose Recycle” campaign. The Dehesa de Campoamor Nautical Club has joined the plastic...

Popular British optician giving away reusable bags during ‘Plastic Free July’ on Spain’s Costa Blanca

SPECSAVERS in Guardamar del Segura are swapping unwanted plastic bags for reusable alternatives during ‘Plastic Free July’. The popular British optician is inviting the public...

Straws, cotton buds and plastic plates banned in Spain as of this Saturday

SINGLE-USE plastic items such as plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds sticks will be banned throughout the whole of the European Union from Saturday,...

Green initiative launched by town council as it asks people to “do our part” on Spain’s Costa Blanca

LOS MONTESINOS Town Hall is giving away cloth shopping bags in a move to cut waste and safeguard the environment. In exchange for five plastic...

Study in Spain and Mediterranean reveals 50% of beach plastic ‘comes from tourists’

Rubbish, including micro-plastics and small particles, was collected, catalogued and analysed at intervals throughout the year

OPINION: If everyone understands how important protecting our planet is, then let’s just do it

IN a world where recycling plastic is becoming all the more popular, scientists at Mallorca’s University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) have provided Mother Earth with a helping hand.

Shocking figures reveal Spain dumps most plastic packaging in landfill in Western Europe

Europe produces 20% of the world’s plastic waste

Spain’s environmentalists issue doomsday warning as groundbreaking study reveals alarming levels of micro-plastic in the Pyrenees

One of the main problems is the lack of ready, cheap alternatives to the imperishable material that is now part of the air we breathe and the water we drink

Gibraltar BANS BALLOONS in desperate bid to save wildlife

The ban comes after authorities cancelled the territory’s annual National Day celebration in which 30,000 red and white helium balloons are released

War to be waged against plastic in Gibraltar following deaths of ‘magnificent’ birds

One bird died of starvation after a plastic biscuit wrapper got stuck in its stomach

EXCLUSIVE: How Spain’s high fashion designers are turning recycled plastic into runway collections

As Spanish designers weave recycled plastic into their collections, PET-a-porter could become the new planet-friendly fashion trend

THE LAST STRAW: EU clamps down on single-use plastics poisoning world’s oceans

EU acts to stem the plastic tide plaguing the world's oceans

Volunteers clear up almost half a TONNE of waste from Costa del Sol beach

Since starting the foundation, Plastic Free Seas Worldwide have cleared a total of 3,400 kilos in 10 beach clean ups

WATCH: Brits help save sea turtle wrapped in plastic off coast of Spain’s Marbella THIS is the moment a sea turtle was rescued off the coast of Marbella.  The clip shows Brits and Spaniards pull the clearly distressed creature...

IN PICS: Marbella beach World Clean Up day

A team of divers have joined a hundred people for a big beach clean up in Marbella. The group from Diving with Nic helped to...

FINAL STRAW: Spain consumes most plastic straws in Europe as Greenpeace calls for BAN

SPAIN consumes more plastic straws than any other country in Europe. The holiday favourite throws away 4.745 BILLION plastic straws every year - around 13...

‘Worrying’ levels of plastic particles found in almost 75% of fish

New research finds microplastics could pose a serious threat to human health

Plastic Problems: Support for using plastics in port expansions

PLANS to use molten plastic slag from the waste centre to expand ports have received the backing of multiple government sectors. The Balearic Port Authority...

EXCLUSIVE: Mallorca council, Tirme and Palma port face fines over burned plastic ‘pollution’

Balearic government issues ultimatum over molten rubbish washing up on beaches




Four teenagers who ‘threw rocks on cars travelling on the A-7 motorway in Spain’s Marbella’ are quizzed by police

A GROUP of teenagers caused chaos in Marbella on Monday morning by throwing rocks from an overpass at cars driving along the motorway. The gang,...


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