Bueno después de el gran día de pesca hoy día 7-10-2018 ,A la vuelta a puerto nos encontramos con unas de las especies mas bonitas de nuestro mar flotando si defensas ni forma para poder alimentarse y no se me ocurre otra cosa que salvarla,hay esta el vídeo ustedes mismo opinareis (POR FAVOR NO MAS PLASTICOS)gracias LOVITCHARTER PUERTO BANUS MARBELLA,PANTALAN 3#LOVITCHARTER #TORTUGA MARINA.

Geplaatst door Jorge Duran Pérez op Zondag 7 oktober 2018

THIS is the moment a sea turtle was rescued off the coast of Marbella. 

The clip shows Brits and Spaniards pull the clearly distressed creature aboard the LOVIT Charter fishing boat.

A tour organiser uses scissors and a knife to try and free the animal from a white plastic sac, which has been wound tightly around its fin.

The turtle is clearly scared and distressed in heartbreaking scenes.

It is eventually freed before being returned to the water.

Jorge Duran Perez, who posted the video, said: “On our way back to the port we saw one of the most beautiful creatures of our sea.

“I didn’t know how else to save it, see the video for yourselves, PLEASE NO MORE PLASTICS!”

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