A GROUP of cross-party MPs protested outside Westminster today ahead of a critical vote to decide if Parliament should be allowed to vote on the final Brexit deal. 

Labour’s Chuka Umunna, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas, Liberal Democrat Tom Brake and the SNP’s Stephen Gethins joined campaigners from Open Britain to demonstrate outside Parliament.

“What the Brexiters are worried about is that Parliament’s going to have its say,” Brake told the press.

“They have wanted from the beginning to railroad it through. That’s why, for instance, they’ve objected to the Article 50 bill. They’re not interested in parliamentary scrutiny, they want to just ram this through, get it done.

“But actually, Parliament must be central to this. This is the single biggest change the United Kingdom will have made if we proceed with Brexit. “That’s why Parliament has got to be at the centre of it.”

The vote, which goes ahead tonight, will decide if Parliament is granted the power to approve or reject any Brexit deal reached between Britain and the EU.


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