A TAKEAWAY delivery company has imposed a new service charge, following a ban on card transaction fees.

On Monday Just Eat added a new 50p charge on all orders, ahead of the ban which will see the removal of a 50p fee for debit and credit payments online.

Imposed by the EU, the legislation will make card surcharges illegal and will come into force on Saturday.

Britain will continue to abide by the new ruling after it completes its divorce from Brussels.

Just Eat said: “We were already reviewing our approach to charging for the services we provide to customers on behalf of our restaurants.

“As of 8 January 2018 we have made a change to the way restaurants are charged to process Just Eat orders – a 50p service charge will be implemented for all orders.

“Previously only customers who paid online were charged – we don’t think it’s fair for online payment customers to shoulder the costs associated with cash orders too, which is why we’re introducing a charge applied equally across our customer base.

“The 50p charge simply means that along with our restaurant partners, we can continue to deliver the best possible takeaway experience, and applying the charge equally across the customer base, ensures fairness for all.”

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