San Javier, Murcia

GUARDIA Civil are investigating the death of a brother and sister who were rotting alone in their home for four weeks.

The siblings, who lived in San Javier, Murcia, were found today after a neighbour raised the alarm after not seeing them for over a month.

Police stumbled upon the bodies, which had no signs of violence, while conducting a search of the home on calle Isaac Peral.


The woman, 52, was in a fetal position on the sofa, while the man, 43, was lying on the bed.

Investigators believe the sister suffered from hypoxia from birth, a debilitating disorder which causes deficiency of oxygen in the blood, cells and tissues of the body.

Autopsies are still being performed, but the working theory is that the brother died first in his bed, leaving his sister without care.

Authorities believed she then starved to death.

Cops say the house was filthy and extremely disorganised.


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