HAPPIER TIMES: Paul and Rebecca

THIS is the first picture to have surfaced of Paul Muldoon as he is extradited from Spain to the UK. 

It comes two days after the suspected body of his wife Rebecca Muldoon was found near Oasis Beach in Marbella after she was declared missing on January 1.

Paul Muldoon faces extradition to England where detectives want to speak to him about a boiler room fraud allegedly involving the supposed sale of rare earth metals five years ago.

MUGSHOT: Paul Muldoon

The warrants reads that he and a gang of accomplices are accused of promising extraordinary returns for investments in rare metal compounds used to make LEDs and lasers.

It comes after he was arrested on January 1 for domestic violence against his wife Rebecca, who failed to show up to ratify her complaints.

He was released by a Spanish court who did not realise he was wanted in the UK.

Authorities are still waiting for an official identification of the body found in Marbella before confirming it is Rebecca.

The Olive Press was first to report the mother-of-two missing after her friend Stephanie raised the alarm.

The first autopsy of the body is reported to show no signs of violence.




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