A TEENAGER has stabbed his mother after she refused to reconnect the wifi.

The 14-year-old has been sent to a rehabilitation centre for six months following the attack in his Granada home.

The judge in the case said he is likely addicted to his games console, which he said was a ‘worrying trend’ in today’s younger generations.

The youth became furious when the wifi in his home disconnected.

He asked his mother to fix it but she reufsed, telling him he spent too much time to playing games online.

The boy ‘lost it’ and picked up a blade and attacked his mother.

Although he showed remorse and realised he had done wrong, the prosecutors said he needed therapeutic treatment.

The courts in Granada have seen a growing trend in violence related to online gaming.

A couple of years ago another minor beat his blind mother and broke her nose for taking away her computer, after three months of practically no sleep hooked to a network game.


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