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Number One! Why Mallorca really is the best place to live in the world writes Amanda Butler

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SEVEN PRINCIPLES: Mallorca-based Blacktower expert Sandy Paterson advises on Spanish investment

ACCORDING to official statistics by Tinsa, a leading Spanish valuation and assessment company headquartered in Madrid, the average value of finished housing (new and used) increased by 4.2% in 2017 and everything indicates that moderate growth in prices will continue in 2018.

That of course was taking the whole of Spain into consideration, whereby Mallorca prices in hot spot areas increased substantially more.  

On the lower end of the market the positive growth of the economy and employment will undoubtedly boost the demand, both for purchases and rentals.

“The recovery will continue to show differences between territories. Particularly dynamic markets will coexist, such as in large capitals, islands and some coastal areas, where price increases will be more intense than with other market areas, with less strength of demand, where the price of housing in 2018 will remain stable,” says Jorge Ripoll, director of the Tinsa Studies Service.

All a good confirmation that, where there is substantial fluctuation in other investments, with very low return in low risk investments, there’s always security in bricks and mortar, particularly on the island of Mallorca where the property market continues to be extremely dynamic and which has shown resilience serious market crashes in the past.

Having lived here for 15 years I am still passionate about Mallorca, but it’s always nice to hear what others are saying about our home. Last year the Sunday Times announced Palma de Mallorca as the best place to live in the World, and according to Opodo these are some of the reasons why:

1. On average we have 2800 hours of sun a year (according to Wikipedia).
Compared to 1410 hours of sun a year in London – frankly I think they must be substantially higher in differential, since these statistics are taken from 2009!

2. Highways that peak through mountains and lead to a clear blue sea
Whether you’re cruising on a motorcycle, a scooter or just a car. Following these panoramic routes is an experience one just can’t get enough of.

3. Everything in reach
The longest distance on Mallorca is 120km, which means you can enjoy the sea and the mountains within the same day.

4. Quaint towns
Forget about hectic cities and stressed masses of people. On Mallorca you’ll still find quaint towns like Sóller where it seems as if time has stood still.

5. Forests and Beaches
Whether you love to sunbath on the beach or go for a hike along the forests and mountains. On Mallorca you can simply have both.

6. Snow? Not impossible!
The highest point in Mallorca is Puig Major, in the “Serra de Tramuntana”, where snow can be experienced and enjoyed in the winter months. We have evidence of heli-skiing last year!!

7. 1458 km of coastline
With countless bays, beaches and amazing nature sights. Even after years on the island you’ll still be able to explore new, hidden bays with crystal clear water and a unique flair of remoteness.

8. Mountain Enthusiasts: Watch out!
Clearly, Mallorca is an epic destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts, but did you know that it’s also a great spot for mountain climbing, canyoning, paragliding and more!

9. Culinary Highlights
Remember these names: tumbet, trempó, arròs brut, sobrassada, pa amb oli… Any of these dishes will be the perfect menu item to enjoy a truly local fine dining experience in Mallorca. However there’s also plenty of gourmet international cuisine on offer – we are proud holders of 10 Michelin stars for nine restaurants in Mallorca for 2018!  

10. Traditional flair
The taste for the traditional or indigenous is appreciated and seen throughout the markets, cuisine and landscapes, where there are windmills, white homes and green window shutters.

Amanda Butler

Amanda has grown up and lived all over the world, but settled in Mallorca more than 15 years ago. Originally from the UK, she is a well known figure on the island, having run successful property business MCJ Associates for many years.

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