A BRIT has been arrested for murder after allegedly running over his father intentionally just metres outside his Marbella home. 

Shockingly, investigators believe the father’s 20-year-old Spanish girlfriend was driving the car when the believed-to-be planned attack took place.

Another Brit, a friend of the family, was also in the car.

All three have been arrested while the investigation continues.

According to Policia Nacional, the SUV pulled up by the home around 1.45am on January 23.

The son, 30, friend, 37, and the Spanish girlfriend all remained in the vehicle while the father got out.

It was then that the group allegedly ran over the older expat, killing him just metres from his home.

The corpse was left laying in the road and police were soon able to identify the vehicle behind the hit.

The family members are appearing before the courts today.

More to follow…



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