A 36-year-old Spanish man who sexually abused his cousin while she was unconscious has been sentenced to five years in prison.


The offence, dating back to June 2014, took place at a rented house in Levante de Almería which was booked for a few days by the defendant, his 30-year-old sister, the victim and other friends.


After the group started drinking the defendant produced ‘cocaine, marijuana and pills’ of which the victim , after pressure from the defendant, agreed to take a quarter of a pill.


The defendant however ultimately administered a higher quantity as he placed the drugs directly into her mouth which, along with the ‘high strength’ alcohol consumed, rendered her ‘practically unconscious’ and put her in a ‘deep sleep on a sofa’.

The court denied the defence that sexual relations between the cousins were consensual.

The defendant was also given eight years probation during which he can not communicate or be within 200 metres of the victim.

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