THE death of a British rugby player on Mallorca continues to be shrouded in mystery after a coroner ruled he died of a cocaine overdose – despite no one seeing him take the drug.

Welshman Luke Hole died while partying in Magaluf after drinking a mix of cocktails, shots and cider.

But the 29-year-old’s family fears he may have been spiked as the athlete was not a known drug user.

Hole was in Magaluf for a seven-a-side tournament, but skipped the last day of matches to drink with friends.

The semi-retired rugby player flew to the island to play with the village team he had played for since he was eight-years-old.

“We went to the beach and were drinking vodka slush puppies. We had cans of cider in the afternoon and then vodka and blackcurrant in a bar called Mambo’s,” friend Luke Rose said.

“Then we had shots before going back to the hotel where we were all drinking in each other’s rooms,” he continued.

The next morning Hole was found unresponsive by his room-mate, with foam around his mouth ‘like he had choked’.

South Wales Valleys Coroner Andrew Barclay said the presence of cocaine was a mystery because no one saw him take it.

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