WATCH: Tourists abandon boat off coast of Spain before it EXPLODES


THIS is the moment a boat carrying tourists off the coast of Spain burst into flames before exploding. 

Five tourists jumped and swam for their lives as their small boat went up in smoke.

Fellow tourists from a nearby yacht pulled the four women and a man from the water after the vessel blew up near Tenerife’s Costa Adeje.

Their injuries have been described as ‘moderate’.

The man, aged 45, and a 25-year-old woman both suffered back injuries.

Another woman, aged 27, had cuts and bruises while and the two other women, aged 35 and 27, were hospitalised with leg injuries.

They were all taken to Hospiten Sur in the south of the island.

A Spanish coast guard helicopter was dispatched to scan the area for more victims, but all on board had already been rescued.

The boat sank shortly after maritime workers were called to put out the fire.

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