SOLDIER: Adam Williams

THE UK Foreign Office has confirmed it is assisting the family of a Spain-based British expat who was arrested by police in Thailand on New Year’s Eve.

It comes after the Olive Press first reported the plight of Adam Williams, who was chained to a hospital bed by Thai cops after being treated for injuries suffered from an assault and robbery.

The Foreign Office told the Olive Press: “We are assisting a British man and his family following his hospitalisation and arrest in Thailand.

“Our staff are in contact with the Thai authorities.”

CUFFED: Adam Williams in Thailand

The family of Adam Willams – a British soldier who served in Gibraltar and lives in Cadiz – have launched an appeal to help with the medical costs.

Since the story was first reported by the Olive Press, more than 7,000 euros has been donated.

The 30-year-old was robbed and assaulted in the country during a holiday with his friends.

But while being treated in a hospital, the solider, who served as lance corporal in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and has lived in Spain for 12 years, was allegedly drugged and chained to a hospital bed by Thai police.

The family say he has suffered a mental breakdown.

In an appeal the family said: “On Christmas Eve our son, a former soldier Adam Williams, was robbed of all his possessions, hospitalised and arrested, whilst holidaying in Thailand.

“Adam had been saving for a year, excited to go travelling upon finishing his 10 year career with the Army. With his savings, he ventured across Malta, Sicily, and Rome, before meeting up with his old high school friends in Thailand.

“Adam had a great time in Thailand however, with Christmas approaching, his friends decided to return to the UK and Australia. Adam stayed in Thailand on his own.

“It wasn’t long after Adam’s friends left that he was robbed of all his possessions and assaulted by persons unknown to him. During the incident, the police arrived.

“The assailants were never caught, but our son was taken by the police, whereby he was hospitalised for treatment of injuries and later moved to jail on remand – we don’t know why.

“Having been assaulted, robbed, arrested, and incarcerated in a foreign country, with no understanding of the language, Adam understandably suffered a mental breakdown.

“He has been on remand since New Year’s Eve drugged, and shackled to a hospital bed.

“We are desperate to get our son home. The Thailand Medical services have quoted £20,000 for a medical repatriation where he would be accompanied by a doctor. This expense is an overwhelming financial burden.

“We ask for you to contribute anything you can to help us bring Adam home.”

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