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U-TURN CAMPAIGN: Main text for agreement set out in breakthrough for Brits driving in Spain

THE UK EMBASSY in Spain has announced the main text for an agreement to allow Brits resident in Spain to swap their licences for...

The British government has been criticised for updating its travel advice to Brits travelling to Spain.

The Costa del Sol tourism board has voiced concerns after the UK Foreign Office warned about potential issues for holidaymakers entering the country because...

UK minister issues summer job prison warning for Brits on Spain holiday island

Foreign Office figures have revealed 80% of young Brits jailed on the island of Mallorca have been entinced into taking jobs that are illegal

BREAKING: Foreign Office issues warning to Brits as strike set to hit EVERY Spanish airport this Easter

THE Foreign Office has issued a warning to Brits hoping for an Easter getaway in Spain as a strike is set to affect every...

British tourists warned over balcony antics in new safety video

THE UK government has released a video warning British holidaymakers about the dangers of drunk and disorderly behaviour on hotel balconies. The clip warns that...

UK Foreign Office confirms assisting Spain-based British expat held by police in Thailand since being attacked on New Year’s...

THE UK Foreign Office has confirmed it is assisting the family of a Spain-based British expat who was arrested by police in Thailand on...

SEEING RED: Spaniards ‘furious’ after Boris Johnson defends bullfighting during Anglo-Spanish dinner

SPANIARDS have reportedly been left fuming after Boris Johnson defended bullfighting during an Anglo-Spanish dinner. The UK's foreign secretary told the dinner - designed to...

Young British rugby player found dead in Mallorca

He had been taking part in the Mallorca Beach Rugby sevens tournament

UK accuses Spain of violating maritime law in Gibraltar waters

The Foreign Office has called on the EU to investigate Spain's presence in Gibraltar waters

British holidaymakers warned of terror threat to Spain

France, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt are also deemed 'high risk'

Governor of Gibraltar Sir James Dutton quits over Spanish aggression row

Sir James ended his term in office less than two years after taking the job

UPDATE: Only three labour MPs turn up for Gibraltar debate in House of Commons

Low turn out at the House of Commons for Gibraltar debate

UK’s rape warnings silenced by Ibiza’s tourist industry

'Don't walk home alone or it could cost you your life'

UK foreign office warns British tourists in Spain of highway robbers

ITV show Good Morning Britain has contacted the Olive Press looking for victims of 'distraction crime' in Spain

Spanish ships enter British waters more than 600 times in 18 months

Latest figures released by the British Foreign Office reveal the shocking extent of Spanish incursions

Spanish ambassador summoned to Foreign Office after ‘dangerous’ incursion by ship into Gibraltar waters

Europe Minister David Lidington said the activities of the Spanish state research ship and its accompanying Guardia Civil vessel yesterday were not only "unlawful" but also dangerous

British passport is no “get out of jail free” card

Acceptable behaviour in some places could land you in jail elsewhere

Tensions rise between UK and Spain over Gibraltar

Spain's foreign minister said the introduction of a €50 border crossing fee and closure of airspace to planes heading to Gibraltar airport were being considered

Rescue plan for British expats in Spain

The British Foreign Office considers ways of evacuating expats if they are suddenly denied access to their funds

British Consulate in Spain: We’re not directory enquiries

Recent enquiries received by Foreign Office staff in Spain include a request for Phil Collins' telephone number, whilst a man asked staff to contact his dominatrix after she had left him stranded at the airport

Outrage as ‘scandalous’ incident sees Gibraltar kids football team abused at Spanish tournament

Foreign Office intervene as relations between Gibraltar and Spain reach new low

It could be him!

In a continuation of our ‘Beat the Cheats’ campaign, James Bryce investigates the thousands of ‘dancing expat’ claimants who are committing benefit fraud in Spain





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