BRITISH  tourists have been warned about Spain’s increasing number of highway robbers, especially in Andalucia.

Organised gangs are operating on some of the most popular tourist routes, singling out foreign drivers and distracting them in order to steal passports, cash and computers.

And with summer nearly here, the Foreign Office has warned of an increase in this type of distraction crime.

Gangs work by flagging cars down with foreign number plates or stickers, indicating there is a problem.

While one person gets out and distracts the tourist, their accomplice steals money, documents and valuables form the car.

Officials say highway robbers are now operating frequently across Andalucia, as well as between Barcelona and Alicante, and near Madrid.

In addition, ITV show Good Morning Britain has contacted the Olive Press looking for victims of ‘distraction crime’ in Spain.

They would like to hear from any victims for a piece. Please contact Annie,


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