THE UK government has released a video warning British holidaymakers about the dangers of drunk and disorderly behaviour on hotel balconies.

The clip warns that you are not only going to ‘ruin a holiday… you are going to ruin your life’.

The film was made after research revealed that more Britons are hurt jumping between balconies than any other nationality.

“The typical story is a guy, probably 19, 20 years old that has come here with some friends and they are having fun, they are drinking maybe a bit more than usual and they get into a fight or they take risky behaviours like climbing from one balcony to another or jumping into a pool,” a local surgeon says in the film.

“Normally, the most frequent accident is going to be a spine injury, and even more severe, a neck or head trauma.”

Two young Brits have already died after tragically falling from balconies in Mallorca this year.

Natalie Cormack, 19, from North Ayrshire in Scotland, died after plunging from the seventh floor of a Magaluf building while James Walton, 23, from London fell to his death in Palma, after celebrating St Patrick’s Day with his friends.


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