A SPANISH company has allegedly rejecting a woman for a job on the grounds of not being a man. 

PR agency Impulsa Comunicacion in Barcelona told Carla Forcada, 25 – who has a degree in public relations – that they ‘needed a man who could handle the pace of working with big companies’.

The companies in question are Carglass and Coca-Cola but the fizzy drink company have since dropped the agency after she posted the response on social media.

The PR agency said that it was never its intention to discriminate against Ms Forcada and call the whole thing a ‘misunderstanding’.

Carla said on Twitter that it was ‘incredible that companies that practice gender-based discrimination in the workplace still exist’.

The company responded to Carla via email saying: “Hi Carla. We have spoken internally (I also believe that there is a person who knows you here with us) and I think you could fit into other projects. Next week we’ll call you and let you drop by the agency and we’ll explain?”

An email she has yet to reply to and tweeted her disgust at both Carglass and Coca-Cola.

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