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The emblematic Coca-Cola factory in Spain’s Malaga will close after sixty years of history

COCA-COLA has announced the closure of its historic factory in Malaga which celebrates its six-decade anniversary on November 7. The bottling plant in Malaga focuses...

BUBBLE TROUBLE: Coca-Cola banned from selling Schweppes tonic in Spain after court ruling

The brand quickly became a market leader, with a 54.8% share, and experienced a strong increase in sales as the popularity of gin and tonic soared

Spanish company rejects applicant for ‘not being a man’ in Barcelona

The PR agency said that it was never its intention to discriminate against Ms Forcada and call the whole thing a 'misunderstanding'. 

Supermarkets unite to stop Spain’s strawberry fields sucking Doñana wetland dry

Spain’s strawberry industry generates around €400m a year

Another great year for Spain’s 10 richest women

Spain’s 10 richest women are worth over €20 billion collectively

Ham it up at Christmas

Perfect to fill up after a blustery Boxing Day walk or a quick fix in the mad run-up to Christmas day...

Spanish businesswoman becomes Europe Coca-Cola boss

Entrepreneur Sol Daurella is to be appointed chairman of Coca-Cola European Partners

Jobs gloom as Coca Cola closes Spanish bottling plants

Four of the company's 11 bottling plants to close, resulting in more than 1000 job losses

Expat teen scoops Spanish writing prize

Chloe Madison Grubb won first prize in Coca Cola short story contest

Schadenfreude: A review of the Olive Press by A.N. Maier

The Olive Press is pleased to announce a new addition to its growing team of writers and bloggers. In "Schadenfreude", A.N.Maier will be issuing his scathing verdict on some, all, or possibly none of the stories published in the Olive Press newspaper