HARD WORKER: Barry (El Pais)

A MUSLIM worker has spoken of his difficulty in working for Spain’s biggest fake vagina factory during Ramadan.

The issue arose as Muslims are forbidden from having any sexual thoughts during Ramadan.

The problem for Mamadou Barry, originally from Guinea, is that he is in charge of all the orders at the company Fleshlight, near Sevilla, which produces up to 2,500 artificial private parts per day.

“I normally try to go on holiday at that time,” he explained. “And if I can’t, I try to occupy my thoughts with other things to avoid thinking about it.”
His family, who live in Almeria, are already shocked about his line of work, particularly when he visited them last year with one of the devices.

“I put it on the table and my mother first thought it was a lantern,” he added.

“Being very religious, she was really shocked,” he says, “But since my parents saw I was happy and they themselves liked the factory on a visit last year, they ended up supporting me.”
Fleshlight Spain, an offshoot of its American parent company, has a turnover of almost €9 million a year.

The man behind the product Steve Shubin is as a former US police officer.

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