AFTER three days of frantic searching, a lost fire-fighting plane has been found with the pilot at the bottom of the sea.

The forest fire prevention craft was finally found by a Navy ship

A Navy ship has found the plane and pilot Antonio Alfaro Martín, 46, near Pollensa’s Cala Sant Vicens, 60 metres down.

The pilot was very experienced and on a regular surveillance patrol when he lost contact while flying near Valldemossa.

A search of the areas land provided no clues, leading the Maritime Rescue services to join the search.  Drones, ships, and around 300 officers, troops and firefighters searched and investigated until sonar finally led a Navy mine-sweeping ship, Tajo to the plane. The craft was found two miles off the coast.

A submarine was sent out to confirm the plane was the missing fire prevention craft, and was able to confirm a body was inside.

Alfaro’s brother Noel publicly thanked all those who helped find his lost brother, saying, ”you will always be our heroes and we will be grateful to you for life.”

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