IT was the tweet that sent Guardia Civil’s Twitter into meltdown in April.


Jorge Perez Diez – who has since begun a modelling career – found nation-wide fame after a viral tweet sparked a manhunt among Spain’s media and populace.

But the once-dubbed ‘hottest policeman in Spain’ has some stiff competition.

It comes after the police force tweeted a picture of an new officer, who is ‘always loyal to his duties’ and is ‘calm in the face of danger’.


The tweet has been shared hundreds of times and received over a thousand likes in just a matter of hours.

Admirers took to social media to lay praise on the handsome law enforcer.


One woman wrote: “Where do I need to go for this man to fine me?”



Another man joked: “My wife is here saying she wants to take the car and speed down the motorway at over 140kmh to see if she gets pulled over by this officer.

“Please can you tell me where he patrols so I can tell her? Mostly so I can sleep peacefully tonight.”

The officer has yet to be identified.


Additional reporting by Elisa Menendez

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