STRIKES: Angered Staff

RYANAIR staff have taken to social media during their strikes to highlight their working conditions.

Ground staff, cabin crew and pilots are striking for two days after talks between the union and Ryanair broke down.

The hashtag #RyanairMustChange has been trending this morning with angered staff revealing their grievances.

The list, posted on social media, outlines that staff ‘have no medical assistance in Spain despite living and working in the country’ and ‘working under a disciplinary terror regime’, with many supporters offering solidarity online.

Ryanair boss, Michael O’Leary, has responded to the recent strikes by planning to ‘cut back Ryanair’s Dublin fleet by 20% and moving more aircraft to Poland – putting 300 jobs under threat.’

Trade union Forsa, which represents the pilots, slammed the carrier for making ‘threatening statements’.

A spokesman for the union said: “This kind of threatening statement is not conducive to building trust and reaching a resolution to the dispute, and Forsa doesn’t accept that jobs or expansion in the airline need be put at risk by company management.”

The Dublin-based airline has been offering alternative flights or refunds, but refuses to provide additional compensation.

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