INITIMATE: Scene at Pause Festival

PAUSE festival returns this month with five nights of open-air music and art in the spectacular mountain setting of the serranía de Ronda.

Around 20 international artists from the fields of classical, jazz, electronic, and the visual arts are taking part.

PERFORMER: Camille Thomas

They include pianists Julien Brocal and Julien Libeer, and the cellist Camille Thomas who were loved by audiences last year, along with the American violinist Caroline Goulding, guitarist, percussionist Robin Scott Fleming, the trumpeter Franz Hautzinger, mezzo soprano Sarah Laulan and the extraordinary virtual reality performance artist Pauline Dufour.

The setting is a mountain stage at the ecological farm and retreat La Donaira (recently named Best Luxury Eco Hotel in Spain).

Evenings are truly festive with a party atmosphere and start with gourmet tapas and wine.

The concerts are up close and literally laidback – with audiences given the option to enjoy the music while lying back on soft cushions while stargazing.


ALTERNATIVE: Pauline Duforu

Again, making a break with concert recitals, the nightly programmes – decided by the artists – are to be a surprise. But we can say they’ll follow the themes of fire, earth, water, air and spirit and involve unique magical collaborations.

Pause festival launches on August 14 with celebrations in El Gastor (Cádiz) and a special free concert in Iglesía San José by local choirs – who’ll be performing a new work by avant-garde composer Rupert Huber (starts 21:00, seats can be reserved via the pause website).

Described as possibly the most intimate and beautiful music festival in the world, Pause launched last summer in collaboration with the pianist Maria João Pires with the idea of bringing performance out of city concert halls and into the wild, natural settings that inspire us. For audiences – and artists – it’s a chance to pause from hectic lives and see both man and nature at their creative best.

August 14
Opening Night celebrations in El Gastor

August 15–19
Five Nights of Open-Air Concerts at La Donaira Featuring Julien Brocal (piano) • Julien Libeer (piano) • Camille Thomas (cello) • Caroline Goulding (violin) • Sarah Laulan (mezzo soprano) • Lidy Blijdorp (cello) • Elodie Vignon (piano) • Rosanne Philippens (violin) • Dana Zemtsov (viola) • Laure Stehlin (flute, percussions) • Robin Scott Fleming (guitar, voice, percussion) • Gerald Preinfalk (saxophone) • Damien Westrelin (piano) • Franz Hautzinger (trumpet) • Isabelle Duthoit (clarinet) • Pauline Dufour (visual artist)

Tickets: € 50 • 5-Concert Pass: € 200 • Wine reception & Gourmet tapas. Transport to La Donaira is provided from El Gastor.
Details, Tickets and Accommodation Packages • • Tel +34 615 38 11 19 • Andalucía, Spain
[Distance from Ronda 30min; Malaga 1 hr 40min; Seville 1 hr 20min; Jerez 1 hr ]

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