#Sucesos #EsteponaSiembra el pánico con un coche en la puerta de una discoteca de Estepona tras echarlo por fumar, los hechos sucedieron el pasado 28 de julio en la avenida Juan Carlos I.???? + Info vía Diario SUR ?? https://www.diariosur.es/marbella-estepona/siembra-panico-coche-20180822230112-nt.html#ns_campaign=gs-ms&ns_mchannel=diariosur&ns_source=fb&ns_linkname=ltl

Geplaatst door Protección Civil Estepona op Woensdag 22 augustus 2018

THIS is the moment a car appears to attempt to run over revellers outside a nightclub on the Costa del Sol. 

The footage, obtained by Diario Sur, shows a vehicle drive past the entrance before coming back moments later and nearly hitting a group of club goers.

The 23-year-old driver had been kicked out of the club for smoking in his VIP booth at around 6.30am on July 28.

He told allegedly screamed at the bouncers: “Don’t you know who I am?… you’re about to find out!”

The unnamed suspect then returned in his Mercedes rental and mounted the sidewalk, apparently trying to hit the doormen.

After almost running a young woman over, he flees the scene before hitting a taxi.

According to the police, ‘he drove recklessly in the direction of the bouncers, endangering their lives and that of pedestrians.’

The doormen and several witnesses immediately notified the emergency services, and more specifically a local police patrol that was in the area.

The agents quickly located the vehicle, which had been abandoned on a pedestrian crossing.

They removed it with a crane and transported it to the municipal warehouse.

The suspect has been arrested.

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