UNDER FIRE: Catalan chef Toni Punyet

A CATALAN chef has received death threats over a ‘controversial’ menu including dishes such as ‘grilled Andalucian Guardia Civil’.

Nova Font Blanca restaurant in the region of Lleida, has come under fire after creating an unusual menu, causing  quite a stir among Spanish far-right groups.

Dishes such as ‘slow-cooked hands of Constitutional Court prosecutors and judges’ offended social media users who targeted owner Toni Punyet with ‘hundreds’ of death threats, which regional police are now investigating.

The chef describes the incident as a ‘misunderstanding’ and apologised, reassuring that ‘everyone is welcome’ at his modest restaurant.

OFFENSIVE: Menu featuring Guardia Civil

“A grilled Guardia Civil is a grilled sardine,” added Punyet, “It’s a typical Catalan culinary expression.”

He also pointed out that there is a Spanish pig trotters recipe called ‘manos de ministro’.

It comes as tensions continue to run high between Spanish authorities and Catalan separatists, following the independence referendum in October last year.

There has been hostility particularly between the Spanish Guardia Civil and civilians, after police used violence against voters and secessionist politicians were jailed.


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