BOLOENCIERRO: Running of the balls festival

A MAN has been crushed by a 250 kilo giant globe while taking part in the running of the balls festival.

In what is supposed to be a safer and less cruel alternative to Pamplona’s running of the bulls festival, the 29-year-old competitor was rushed to hospital with a severe head injury.

It is believed he was crushed against the door of a bull ring by the ball and was evacuated by helicopter to a hospital at midday on Sunday, reported EFE.

‘Boloencierro’ festival has taken place for the last seven years in Mataelpino, in the region of Madrid, in a bid to offer a fun, more humane version of San Fermin festival.

Mataelpino was the first place in Spain to hold the festival, something which has caught on in various towns across the country.

Much like San Fermin, locals race down the cobbled streets while being chased – but by huge polystyrene balls rolling at great speed rather than a herd of bulls.

Mataelpino mayor Javier Perez de los Nietos told El Pais: “People who are used to bulls know that they can’t just stand still in front of them because they could be gored. But with the ball some people think that nothing will happen to them, but this is not the case. If they get a direct hit, it can be serious.”

It is not yet clear whether the man’s condition is critical.

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