INJURED: Five people were hospitalised

AN expat is demanding answers after five people were hospitalised when an elevator suddenly changed direction.

Brit Janet Shepherdson was left ‘badly shaken up’ when the elevator at Sevilla’s main train station suddenly started going backwards.

In total, five people, including two elderly passengers, had to have their arms and heads bandaged at Santa Justa station before being taken to hospital, last week.

“I was nearly at the top when I felt a sudden jolt and the escalator shook and then started to descend rapidly,” Antequera-based Shepherdson, 56, told the Olive Press.

“I heard screams and saw people falling. I made a rapid decision to run up the escalator as fast as I could.”

Luckily she made it, alongside her cousin Vincent and his girlfriend Rachel, who also ran for the top.

Santa Justa train station

Rachel, who was over for a week’s holiday, however, fell onto the escalator, suffering cuts and bruises to both legs, before being pulled up.

“One young British woman had blood dripping down her face and shoulder and she had the imprint of the escalator deeply impressioned in her left arm.  

“She looked like a scene from a disaster movie.”

Shepherdson, an English teacher, blasted staff at the station for failing to deal with the injured properly.

“The staff at the train station did not seem to be trained for this sort of incident,” she said, “Apart from offering a wheelchair, they did not show much empathy.

OUCH: Rachel’s leg was left black and blue

“They didn’t even offer anyone water.”

Five people hospitalised were released the same day, according to train operator Adif.

A spokesman told the Olive Press the incident appeared to have been caused by ‘overloading’.

“However we are waiting for the official report from an external company.”

He added: “We regret the incident and the inconvenience for all involved, especially those who required medical attention.”

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