ONE of Spain’s most wanted drug gang leaders has turned himself in today shortly after appearing in a reggaeton music video. 

Francisco Tejon, head of Los Castañas, which operates out of the Campo de Gibraltar, walked into the police station in La Linea de la Concepcion with his lawyer this morning.

It comes almost two years after an arrest warrant was issued for Tejon, aka Isco, in late 2016.

It appears he has never left the area in that time.

His brother, who is believed to have part-run the gang, was cuffed on June 7 while visiting his lover.

FLAUNTING FREEDOM: Tejon was enjoying evading the cops as he appeared in a rap video

Tejón, 39, made headlines this month after appearing in a music video by the Cuban-born reggaeton singer Clase A.

The video, titled Candela, was released 10 days ago although its recording date is unknown.

The music video includes scenes shot outside a house once used by Los Castañas for their private orgies in Los Barrios.

Tejon is believed to have earned more than €30 million after building up his hashish smuggling empire, which brings the drug from Morocco into Europe.


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