IN DENIAL: In a fiery exchange with PP spokesman, Susana Diaz denies PSOE corruption and refuses to apologise

SUSANA Diaz and Luis Aznar, spokesman of the Partido Popular in the Senate in Madrid have had a fierce exchangeduring the Commission of Inquiry about the ERE corruption scandal and the illegal funding of the Andalucian PSOE.

During the five hour debate Junta boss Diaz firmly defended her term of office, saying that ‘the EREs have nothing to do with my term and aren’t linked in any way to the funding of the Socialist Party’.

The debate ended in a war of words between Diaz and Aznar, both
throwing personal attacks.

At one point Aznar said that Diaz had ‘a unique’ way of speaking, which the President of the Junta interpreted as an attack on her Andalucian accent.

It got worse when Aznar reprimand Diaz for linking her relatives, including her husband, in different enterprises.

That was when Diaz replied that she was actually married to a ‘poor man’, and called Aznar a ‘desperate person’ for trying to attack her husband.

Diaz constantly interrupted the Senator and managed to evade the most pertinent questions about corruption on Andalucia.
The trial into how her PSOE party managed to syphon around one billion euros to friends and family over a decade continues in Sevilla.

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