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AN Albanian has been arrested after he robbed at least two luxury hotel rooms on the Costa del Sol while tourists slept in their beds. 

The 56-year-old, from Berat, was cuffed as part of a joint investigation between Policia Nacional and Policia Local in Marbella this week.

The suspect is known as a ‘dreamer’, a police slang term used to describe the worrying trend of robbers brazenly ransacking apartments and hotel rooms while people sleep in their beds.

In September, the Olive Press revealed how a British expat couple were gassed in their home before their car was robbed and used in a spate of robberies. 

In the latest two robberies, the Albanian stole more than €6,000 in cash and jewelry before stuffing it in a bag of one of his victims and slipping away unnoticed.

He left the luxury hotel, which has not been named, posing as another guest, even shaking hands with a security guard on his way out.

The suspect was snared after guests at one luxury hotel in Marbella said they woke up to find thousands of euros worth of goods missing on October 23.

Tourists at another luxury hotel later said they also woke up to find their room was ’empty’ and that almost everything had been stolen, including €6,000 in cash.

The thief entered the hotels posing as another client and amazingly, accessed the rooms using the old school ‘slip technique’, which involves swiping a credit card or something similar down the side of the door to dislodge the lock.

Once inside, he silently ransacked the rooms.

The investigation led police to an Albanian man with more than a dozen different identities and a score of arrests on his record.

He had lived across Spain, appearing to move after committing a series of crimes.

The thief has been remanded in custody awaiting trial.


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