Last season, Benfica was the second in the Portuguese Championship and is now trying to get back to the top of Primera. However, the events do not always develop in the best way for the team, and it does not so often please its fans.

Now, Benfica is a bit behind Porto, but this gap is not critical, because the density in the Portuguese championship this season is just beyond the limit. An additional challenge for the team is the Champions League. Thus, its rivals at the group stage were:

  • Bayern;
  • AEK;
  • Ajax.

It would seem that it is quite possible to fight for entering the next stage of the competition in such group. Unfortunately, Benfica takes only the third place in the standings.

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Benficas Chances of Improvement

However, despite the obvious difficulties, Benfica has good chances to turn events around both in the domestic and international arenas. Now, the team is almost on par with Porto and Sporting, but it has several experienced players who have been playing for the Eagles for several years. First of all, its the experienced team captain, Luisao, who is regularly seen in the starting lineup this season.

Also, do not forget that Sporting is now in an extremely unstable situation, and a number of leaders have left the team. Benfica, on the contrary, has managed to keep the majority of its stars and can count on improving its position in the standings.

In order to do this, the team urgently needs to stop losing points in matches against the weaker rivals, because of which it already misses several precious points, which it may lack to take a higher position. However, it is worth remembering that the fans of the team will not settle for the place below the first, so the Eagles should now give their all to achieve the goal. They have everything they need for this, from an experienced team to an excellent infrastructure, which is also very important for achieving results in a long tournament run.

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