DEAD: Michael Cumberton, brother of contract killer Eamonn, who murdered Real IRA member Michael Barr at the Sunset House Pub in Dublin in April 2016

POLICE believe the Irish mafia member who plunged to his death in Marbella took his own life.

Michael Cumberton, 30, a prominent member of the Kinahan cartel was found dead on Saturday after falling from a hotel balcony.

The body of the dead gangster, who is the younger brother of contract killer Eamonn Cumberton, was found lay in the inner courtyard.

Sources close to the investigation of Cumberton’s death told the Irish Sun that police have ruled out foul play.

It comes as Republican dissidents plotted to kill him in revenge for his brother Eamonn murdering Real IRA member Michael Barr at the Sunset House Pub in Dublin in April 2016.

After Ireland’s Gardai warned him he was in danger, Cumberton fled to the Costa del Sol where he moved in with the gang’s boss Daniel Kinahan.

BOSS: Kinahan gang leader Daniel Kinahan, who is currently in Dubai after letting his apartment to Michael Cumberton

Cumberton fell from the fourth floor of the block where he rented the apartment from Daniel, who currently resides in Dubai.

A source told the Irish Sun: “Homicide or anything sinister has been ­completely discounted in this investigation, cops are satisfied no third person was involved.

“The body bore no signs of struggle or violence other than injuries normally associated with such a fall.”

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