CHOPPER: The Rock is set to have helicopter sightseeing tours in 2019

THE Government of Gibraltar has announced that a Norwegian helicopter company will offer sightseeing flights around the Rock this year.

FONNAFLY, which began in 2004, will begin offering flights to the people of Gibraltar from May 1.

Flights in the EC130 helicopters are to set off from the airport and last between 10 and 15 minutes in their journey around the Rock.

It comes after years of collaboration between the Gibraltar government and Mr John-Erik Sogn, a Norwegian pilot living in Marbella.

“I am absolutely delighted to welcome FONNAFLY to Gibraltar,” said Gilbert Licudi, the Minister with Responsibility for Commercial Aviation.

He added: “As a private pilot who has seen the Rock from the air on a number of occasions, I know that the tours will provide fabulous views for the passengers.”

The helicopter company say initially they ‘will focus on the tourist market’, but that their entrance into Gibraltar could open the door for other services.

FONNAFLY explain that helicopters could also be used for cargo flights, taxi flights, surveillance, fire fighting, sling load operations, aerial photo services and ship crew change.

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