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THE hitman locked up for the murder of Gary Hutch will spend 22 years behind bars after losing his appeal.

James Quinn, 36, will serve out his term after being convicted in a Malaga court for being a ‘necessary participant’ in the murder of Irish mafia boss Hutch on the Costa del Sol in 2015.

It comes after a Granada court rejected Quinn’s appeals on Monday.

According to the Sun, three judges believed that the hitman, from Dublin, played an ‘essential’ role in the killing in Fuengirola, which sparked the infamous Kinahan/Hutch feud.

They also threw out the defence team’s claims that the getaway vehicle, which had been abandoned, could have been contaminated.

According to the judges, the baseball cap found inside the car had ‘without a doubt’ been worn by Quinn.

In an eight-page report the judges heaped praise on Spanish cops, who extracted Quinn’s DNA from a discarded water bottle before matching it with hair found inside the cap.

The father-of-one’s lawyers are expected to file an appeal with the Supreme Court, the highest in the land.

Quinn was the only one of six suspects held over the Hutch hit to be charged with a crime.

A jury in Malaga ruled that he was a ‘necessary participant’ after they were unable to confirm that he was the man seen chasing down Hutch, 34, on CCTV footage before shooting him at close range.

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