PRSION: Mourinho has been handed a one-year sentence, but will not serve any time

JOSE Mourinho has been handed a one-year prison sentence for tax fraud in Spain, but he will not serve any time.

The ex-Manchester United manager struck a deal with prosecutors, agreeing to pay a €182,500-penalty on top of a separate €2m-fine to avoid prison.

In Spain convicts usually don’t do time for sentences under two years if they are first-time or non-violent offenders.

The 53-year-old Portuguese’s crime relates to tax fraud in 2011 and 2012, while coaching Spanish side real Madrid.

CONVICT: Ronaldo outside court in Madrid where he pleaded guilty to tax fraud

He is accused of owing €3.3m to the Spanish tax authorities after it is alleged he had offshore companies to manage his earnings.

It comes after fellow ex-Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was given a 23-month prison sentence and an €18.8m fine for tax evasion.

Fellow Los Blancos footballer Xabi Alonso, who played alongside Ronaldo under Mourinho, is also accused of tax fraud.

However, unlike the Portuguese pair, Alonso maintains his innocence, yet could face a possible five years in prison.

Mourinho’s representatives did not comment on the case.

The Portugal man left Manchester United in December after he was sacked following a poor run of form.

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