PROTEST: People marching against racism in Barcelona

A BAR owner in Spain has been fined €1,500 after he barred five black people because of the colour of their skin.

A judge in Barcelona made the ruling after the man told the group, who tried to enter his establishment, ‘I don’t want black people here’.

The racist landlord, known only as CEF, made the shocking move back in May 2016 when the group sat at one of his outdoor tables.

He has now been found guilty of five crimes against basic rights and public freedom and must pay each person he abused €300 each.

The judge, in the Catalan municipality of Arenys de Mar, said in their ruling that the man had shown an ‘undisguised contempt for their race’.

He added that the man’s defence about the group not being able to speak Spanish and understand his Argentine accent, was ‘not credible’.

On top of the fine, the bar owner will now also be banned from working in the leisure, teaching and sporting sectors for 30 months.

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