fuengirola puerto costa del sol
Fuengirola is a popular holiday resort for Brits

AN elderly couple had only just bought their home when they made a gruesome discovery this week.

While cleaning the property, in Fuengirola, the married pair came across multiple sets of human remains.

The bones had been placed inside a newspaper and suitcase and were kept hidden in a storage room. 

The couple called the police who rushed to the property to take the remains away for analysis. 


Police have kept tight-lipped on where the bones could have come from but said nothing is being ruled out. 

One hypothesis is that they could have been left behind by a medical student who had been renting the storage room. 

Specialists from the Scientific Police Brigade took charge of the scene at the home, where they lifted fingerprints from the suitcase before sending the bones to the Institute of Legal Medicine.

Forensic tests are being carried out today which will reveal details about the age of the bones and who they could have belonged to. 

The remains are believed to belong to more than one person. 

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