A BRITISH expat has been left ‘shocked’ after she caught two elderly women stealing her bar’s outdoor furniture on CCTV. 

Melanie Bland, from Stoke, made the discovery after noticing several items missing from outside her Betty’s Music bar, based in Santanyi. 


Geplaatst door Mel Bland op Dinsdag 19 februari 2019

The clip shows two women park up outside on the road adjacent to the building before walking down the alleyway appearing to look for items to steal. 

One then gestures to the other after discovering some chairs and other furniture items. 

” They stole two chairs and an umbrella stand,” Bland, who has owned the popular bar for five years, told the Olive Press, “It’s shocking really, two elderly ladies as well!

“And I don’t think it’s the first time they have done this.”

Amazingly the clip also shows a Guardia Civil car cruise past, completely unaware of the live robbery taking place. 

“We have no idea who they are,” added Bland, who has not reported the incident to the police. 

“We were advised that because they didn’t damage anything I.e. break in then there would be little that the police could do,” she added. 

Other expats branded the pair as ‘scumbags’ on social media after Bland share a snippet of the CCTV footage online. 

“What scumbags!” wrote one, “I can’t believe Guardia Civil drive past in the middle of it!” 

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