CAUGHT: The near-flightless bird finally reprimanded by police

POLICE have captured a rogue guinea fowl that robbed residents of sleep for ‘a week’ on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

The native African bird makes a sound like somewhere between a goose and a peacock, and disturbed neighbours along Calle Valdepeñas in Torre del Mar both day and night.

Local police were called several times to catch the near-flightless bird, but proved unsuccessful – until now.

SCARPERED: The bird was seen running away in videos

“It is a very annoying sound, we have been hearing it for a week, at times, and in different places, because it is moving, both day and night,” one neighbour told the Diario Sur.

The guinea fowl is not native to Spain, but has been growing in popularity in recent years for its eggs and meat.

Environmental protection unit Don Animal was called in to rectify the situation.

Spokesperson José Antonio Villodres said ‘it shouldn’t be difficult to capture her, because guinea fowl don’t fly much’.

Despite Villodres’ words, however, the bird consistently alluded capture and was seen running away from frustrated, sleep-deprived residents.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN: Video footage from Axarquia Plus showed the bird evading capture in Torre del Mar

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