MAPPED: The route the Ryanair flight took before it had to make an emergency landing

AN ill pilot has forced a Ryanair plane to turn back to Spain just 13 minutes after take-off where emergency crews were waiting

The Tenerife to Glasgow service was forced back to the Spanish airport on Sunday following the incident.

Tenerife air traffic controllers said online: “Flight from Tenerife South to Scotland returns in emergency due to medical problem of one of the pilots. Maximum priority.

“The route is cleared, medical attention is coordinated and the emergency protocol is activated.”

EMERGENCY: The Ryanair plane was forced to land back at Tenerife South Airport

Despite the situation, the Dublin-based airline could not provide any more details as to the nature of the illness due to privacy laws.

Ryanair said that its aircraft landed in Glasgow without too much delay to passengers.

A spokesperson for the no-frills operator said: “In line with procedures, the captain contacted ATC, the aircraft landed normally, and the first officer was met by medical personnel.”

The aircraft took off at 12:13pm, before it circled back around the island in the Canaries.

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