OUT OF LINE: Terrace space granted by town hall is ‘far too small’ claims expat

A BRITISH expat cafe owner has been left fuming after council workers marked off her terrace making it too small for tables and chairs.

Maggie Smith, 72, from Surrey, has run the Palma business for 19 years, but now fears her trade could be severely affected.

The mother-of-one told the Olive Press she was ‘shocked’ to discover her seating area had been confined to a tiny painted box on the pavement outside Bar San Marino, in San Agustin.

“The chairs and tables have always been in the same place,” the retired financial advisor said, “but now they will have to be moved right next to the road.”

Parking meter placed outside British resident’s cafe

Despite requesting a 5.7 square metre terrace outside her cafe, which employs three Spaniards, the council issued Maggie just a meagre 4.23 square metres.

The demarcated area also includes a large tree, making it impossible to seat any customers, while doors from parked cars also intrude across the lines.

Meanwhile, Maggie is also applying for the relocation of an intrusive parking meter that was installed outside the cafe prior to the yellow lines.

Maggie with hubby inside their Palma business

“If I’m forced to put people in the new area, I’ll have to buy something to cover over it and I’ve only just bought new chairs and tables,” she added.

“People won’t want to sit out there in June, July and August.”

Maggie serves a range of hot and cold dishes at her cafe, including a classic Spanish breakfast of a tostado and cafe con leche.

Palma City Council was contacted by the Olive Press, but declined to comment.


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