STILL MISSING: Daniel and Liam Poole

THERE have been no significant developments in the disappearance of a British father and son, police have revealed. 

Policia Nacional in Estepona told the Olive Press today that the investigation into what may have happened to Daniel and Liam Poole ‘remains open’ but that there is ‘nothing yet to report’. 

“There is nothing new to report on this case that we can share with the press,” the police force said. 

“The investigation remains open.”

It comes TWO WEEKS after the Daniel, 46, a car mechanic and Liam, 22, a computer technician, vanished from the seaside resort of Estepona. 

Meanwhile, one British expat told the Olive Press she spotted Daniel on a dating app.

The Brit, who asked not to be named, said she recognised him from the Olive Press appeal and took a screenshot of his profile. 

She attempted to match with him in the hope of being able to contact him but received no response. 

Daniel described himself as a business owner in his profile and said he was not looking for hook ups but was ‘up for meeting people’. 

His profile showing up after the date of his disappearance does not mean he was actively on his phone as the profiles can be selected for any user several days in advance. 

Danny’s Tinder profile  ©theOlivePress

The family is now ‘sick with worry’ after not hearing from them since April 1 at around 6.30pm. 

“This is completely out of character for them,” Daniel’s partner Tara Poole told the Olive Press, “they never have their phones off and always keep in touch, we are so worried.”

Tara flew out with Liam’s girlfriend last Sunday in a bid to find answers and help from Spanish police. 

“The last time we spoke it was a normal conversation, everything seemed fine,” Tara said.

Their last known whereabouts was at an internet cafe in Estepona, where Liam’s account, which his girlfriend has internet access to, shows they spent around €12. 

“We think they bought sim cards there to use their phones for the week.

“We are trying to piece together what happened from there but none of it makes sense.

“We think they might have been caught up in something bad.”

Alan Fenn of Sussex Police said of the father and son’s disappearance: “This is extremely unusual behaviour from Daniel and Liam. They have been on holiday together before but never have they lost contact with family members.

“We, and their family, are eager to hear from anyone who has made contact with either Daniel or Liam.”

If you have seen the pair or know of there whereabouts contact Sussex police immediately.

Daniel is described as white, 5ft 9in, of a stocky build and has short, grey hair.

Liam is white, 6ft tall, medium-sized and has short, light-brown hair.

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