CAPPED: Visitor numbers are to be limited at some of Spain’s most popular beaches

TOURISM companies have slammed Government proposals to cap visitor numbers at some of Spain’s most popular beaches.

New legislation in Galicia has placed limits on tourism to the islands of Ons, Cies, Salvora and Cortegada.

A group of ship owners and hoteliers have labelled the plans ‘unjustified’ and claimed that daily limit on tourist numbers is a ‘grave error’.

“These are periods of great tourist relevance and this is a decision that did not take into account the maritime transport and hospitality sector, nor their claims,” the group said in a statement.

SLAMMED: Tourism chiefs have hit back at proposals to limit tourism to the Cies Islands and other areas

But the Minister of Environment of Galicia, Angeles Vazquez hit back at those criticizing the new plans.

“Just as to enter a cathedral and a museum we have quotas, this is also a museum, it is natural heritage and we would be irresponsible if we did the opposite of what they send us,” he said.

Agreed in December, the proposals limit visitors to Ons to just 1,300 people per day during the high season and 450 at other times.

The limit for Cies has been set at 1,800 and 450 at other times, while Salvora and Cortegada are limited to just 450 and 250 respectively.

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