PRICE TAG: Vox finished top in the largely expat town

A WEALTHY town has seen the far-right party Vox triumph in Spain’s general election despite the fact it has more expat residents than Spaniards.

Benahavis, near Marbella, has the highest GDP in Malaga and is home to more than 5,000 foreign residents including Brits, Germans and Norwegians.

Vox was narrowly elected in ahead of the governing Popular Party, with the right-wing party securing 364 votes to their conservative rival’s 356.

“We understand that the disenchantment of the traditional voter of the PP has been felt also in Benahavis, until now the bastion of the Popular Party,

“Hard working people have made Benahavis an enclave of enormous tourist interest, they are people who share our message. It is towns like Benahavis that make Spain great,” said Jose Enrique Lara, the President of Vox in Malaga.

BREAKDOWN: The full results of the election vote in Benahavis

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Finance the average disposable income in Benahavis was €23,127, the tenth highest in Andalucia.

Now the town has become something of a right-wing bastion with neighbouring Marbella and Estepona both relegating Vox to fourth place.

Enrique Lara has put his party’s success down to the fact Benahavis is a town ‘that gets up early.’

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