SHOVE: A man gets pushed into the fountain from behind

LIVERPOOL fans have been caught on camera appearing to shove people into a Barcelona fountain ahead of the Champions League semi-final.

Fans targeted two Asian men standing on the edge of the fountain according to at least two videos that have been shared online.

However there is no evidence either incident was racially motivated, the clips also show beer cans and rubbish strewn across the popular square.

“Lack of class shown from this group of fans.

“These fans will now have an effect on the image of all Liverpool fans, who aren’t like this,” said one Twitter user.

NOT A FAN: One victim went on to confront the Liverpool fans

Travelling supporters had gathered in Placa Reial in the centre of Barcelona ahead of Liverpool’s match with the La Liga leaders.

It comes as at least six Liverpool supporters were arrested in separate incident according to Spanish media.

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