british flag waving
ON THE UP: Figures reveal that Brits are returning to Spain

THE news that Brits are returning to Spain again, despite Brexit, is the best news we have had for six years.

It emerged that more British nationals had registered on the Costa del Sol in 2018 than the previous year.

The statistics, released by the Spanish Government, mark the first growth in Brit registrations here since 2013, when David Cameron promised an in-out EU referendum.

And the increase was a sizeable 600, taking the total of Brits registered in Malaga province to 47,193.

These numbers should be welcomed by all, because they show that Brits can continue to make the best of Brexit.

One reason for the increase in registrations was that some were from those who lived in Spain undocumented.

It may have taken the UK’s departure from the EU, but British nationals now have that little push they need.

More and more Brits are sorting out their lives here and that can only be a positive thing.

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