SLACK: Mercadona has had its security criticised following a string of robberies in its stores

IT’S shocking that Spain’s richest and most successful supermarket is refusing to even reconsider its security policy following a slew of reported robberies in its stores.

One woman was robbed twice in 10 days and tens of others have complained of being targeted or at least knowing someone who has been.

Within hours of uploading an original story online, we were inundated with tales of thieves working in groups to corner and steal from shoppers.

It is clearly a widespread problem and there’s a reason rival supermarkets have installed better systems, including barriers, security guards, and extensive CCTV cameras.

It is high time Mercadona started investing some cash into its security or better yet, some training for its staff, at least in the La Cala de Mijas branch, or else it might find a drop in customers.

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