UNDER FIRE: Renfe’s customers are angry after a website error means they are unable to purchase summer tickets

SPAIN’S national rail company has been branded ‘disgraceful’ after scores of customers were left without summer tickets.

An online error meant Renfe passengers were unable to buy tickets for June, despite travellers usually being able to book up to two months in advance.

It is currently impossible to book any journey online in the month of June, affecting stations in Fuengirola, Malaga, Cordoba, Sevilla and the rest of Spain.

When attempting to book, a message reads: “The train consulted is not available for sale at this time or a direct connection does not exist, please try again later and we apologise for the inconvenience.”

ERROR: Users of Renfe’s website are confronted with a message telling them that trains in June are ‘not available’

The ticket trouble prompted anger among customers, with many slamming Renfe as a ‘disgrace’ while others were fuming over the ‘expensive’ service.

One social media user wrote, ‘the management of Renfe in general is disastrous’, while another even said, ‘in the end I’m going to have to get a plane’.

Another user added: “Renfe this is embarrassing. Right now you cannot buy tickets beyond May 30. It is impossible to plan holidays and travel. Is it so complicated to solve technical and calendar problems with some time in advance?”

Sources from the rail operator told El Pais that the issues were down to bugs in the reprogramming of routes that occurs between months.

Apparently tickets are also unable to be purchased in person at stations and travel agencies.

It comes after the transport firm announced, in January, a €700,000 overhaul of its services, including website upgrades.

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